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Use any suitable type of a car (economy class, standard, premium); direction(from Odessa to Kherson, from Kherson to Odessa or a round trip). We pay your attention that if you order 2 transfers at once, you get a 5% discount!

Economy- class - doesn't mean bad! It is just an inexpensive way of transfer. It is an excellent choice if you travel alone or with a friend with small luggage. In all cars of economy class there is an AC, airbags and all security arrangements. Cars are no older than 3 years old, as a rule Daewoo Lanos or Sens. The drivers - only professionals!

Standard class. Comfortable European car of C or D class will make your trip easy and safe. Spacious salon and trunk, security arrangements, AC, dvd\mp3. Professional drivers who speak English. Cars - Opel: Astra and Vectra, Ford: Focus, Chevrolet: Aveo, Lacetty

Premium class - is for people who are not used to deny themselves in comfort and pleasure. The most modern models of luxury jeeps. In hot weather or sever winter, in the city or with the impassibility of roads - it is an absolute safety and undeniable comfort. Cars Toyota Land Cruiser, Mazda CX, Mitsubishi Pajero

Frequently asked questions:

- "Going through the customs and passport control at the airport might take about an hour. Will the driver wait for me?"
Answer: Yes, of course. Our drivers come to the airport at the arrival time and wait until all the passengers from this flight go through the customs.

-"I ordered a taxi from you from ODS (AA555 flight arriving at 13.00) but my flight is delayed. Will the driver wait for me?"
There are two ways possible:
1. You warned our manager by phone 3 hours before the time of your arrival and our driver will come to the airport at new time set.
2. You didn't warn us. If your flight is delayed, the driver wait for you for two hours , after that your order is considered accomplished, and money is not refundable.

-"I need to go from Odessa to Kherson and come back in 3 hours. Do I need to pay for two transfers?"
Answer: NO! You pay for one transfer and extra $8 for each hour our driver waits for you there

-"My friend from Kherson wants to meet me at the airport in Odessa and both of us will go back to Kherson. Do I need to pay for two transfers?"
Answer: NO! You just pay for one transfer.

-"Can I order a taxi online and pay the driver by cash"
Answer: NO. All transfers are made only after the payment.

-"Can I rent a car with a driver for a few hours a day?"
Answer: Of course! In this case you pay for the mileage $0.50\km and $8 per hour waiting time. Minimum order price is $50

-"All offered transfers are not right for me and I have my personal requests"
Answer: Contact us by email or telephone and in 99% of case we can help you and find the way to decide your question.


I would like to thank you for your great service! The driver who took me to Kherson last week was very polite and courteous. On these crazy road he managed to take me to Kherson safely! I enjoyed this trip a lot!
Best regards,Kim

Dear Olga,
Let me first state that trip to Odessa has been just what I needed. Fast and safe! Thank you for your dependable assistance. I was a bit worried before arriving, since everything was being done by Internet, and that can sometimes be a little, even a lot, risky. but I was so happy to use your service! It was great

Hello Olga,
I have had a wonderful stay here in Odessa. Thank you so very much for the transfer service. I hope to return to Odessa and will certainly use your service again, and also pass along to any one I know that might wish to visit.
Best regards, Pat

I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for the wonderful service you provided for my parents. They told me their taxi driver was very professional, always on time and most of all... very nice! And he spoke perfect English. I wish my parents would have stayed longer to see more sights in the Ukraine...but they chose to return earlier than planned.
Thanks again, Z. Behpour

Hello Olga,
Thanks very much for your attention and help. I hope that next time I will be in Ukraine I will use your service.
Best regards, Moshe

Dear all,
thank you for the transfers. Everything was perfect. I am looking forward to future cooperation.
Best regards, P Bartoszek

I have just returned from Ukraine and I want to say thank you for all your kind help and wonderful services your company provided. Also, tell the driver my best regards for his professionalism and understanding. Next time I m in Ukraine , I will definitely use your wonderful service and I will want the same driver!
Sincerely, Scott